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Okie Geek Podcast

Jul 30, 2016

It's the amazing San Diego Comic Con extravaganza wrap up on the Okie Geek Comic Con. Michael Cross, Devon Green, Nikki Robinson and Joshua Unruh welcome special guests Chris Borthick with the Infinite Danger Room Podcast and Julius Lane of Nerdgasm. Julius just returned from this year's news packed event in San Diego....

Jul 24, 2016

It's Episode 53 of the Okie Geek Podcast wherein our favorite brand of miscreants travels to the Hobbies & Crafts Building at Oklahoma City's State Fair Park. The quartet of Joshua Unruh, Michael Cross, Nikki Robinson and Devon Green talk to New World Comic Con owner Buck Berlin about the second annual New World...

Jul 17, 2016

It's Episode 52 of the Okie Geek Podcast with Joshua Unruh, Devon Green and Michael Cross recording live in the Coop Ale Works Tap Room for the July edition of its monthly Board Games and Bee. Along with guests from Coop Ale and the Oklahoma Board Game Community, the trio also discusses Pokemon Go and other games.

Jul 9, 2016

It's Episode 51 of the Okie Geek Podcast talking with Buck Berlin, owner of New World Comics about the upcoming New World Comic Con on July 23rd at the State Fair Grounds We also take time to talk about the New Pokemon Go! before we all scattered to catch them all!

Jul 2, 2016

What happens when you the Okie Geeks haven't seen each other in three week? Well you end up getting a more than 80 minute podcast with a variety of topics. There's also some colorful language so beware. So what do we talk about? I'm so glad you asked! The major topics of discussion include: Walt Disney World Universal...