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Okie Geek Podcast

Aug 6, 2019

It's episode 178 of the Okie Geek Podcast and we are talking with the founder of VHS and Chill Sean Peel. This month, on August 16th at the Rodeo Cinema in Oklahoma City's Stockyards District, VHS and Chill is showing Star Wars on the big screen for the first time since the late 90s. Also, this month - Do you like Jeff Goldblum? Of course you do! Well, on August 23rd & 24th, you need to head over to the Paramount Room on Oklahoma City's Film Row for "A Weekend with Jeff" Film Festival. The free event promises a fill of Jeff Goldblum. Plus don't miss out on shows at Elk Valley Brewing. YOu can find VHS and Chill on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and on the website: